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                        18K gold, pearls and garnets                                           
                         This was the first necklace I made of precious
                          metal.  I designed it after an ancient piece in the
                          Gulbenkian Museum,  Lisbon, Portugal.
                          18K gold, pearls and garnets.


               I was bitten by the jewelry-making bug over thirty-five years ago when my wife, Sharon, realized that
        she did not have any jewelry to wear with a new pink dress. We put our heads together over this "emergency"
        and fabricated a beaded necklace. Since then, jewelry-making has kept welcome company with my other
        professional endeavors be they teaching, or writing on law or music.  (I have degrees in both music and law.)

       I am mostly self taught. I learned the basic techniques of soldering at a jeweler's workshop which received
       commissions from a reknown jewelry shop in downtown Lisbon, Portugal.  I also benefited from attending
       workshops in the U.S. with jewelers Komelia Okim, Fred Woell and Tina Rath at Haystack Mountain School
       of Craft.

      My jewelry work is guided by a few principles.  Neither time spent making a piece nor profit matter to me, 
      but each piece must give me some sense of satisfaction.  Recently, I discovered the realm of African gold-weights
      (see their gallery in these pages), and started a series of pieces integrating them as part of my designs.  As in
      my experience with music, especially relating to the endowment of a simple folk melody with a beautiful and
      meaningful accompaniment, I find a special pleasure in basing and deriving my designs from the African

      Balancing my jewelry-making with my other activities has been a rewarding juggling act.  If my pieces bring
      happiness to the viewer and wearer, my task will be complete.

sterling silver, antique print of Our Lady
sterling silver medallion with antique print of Our Lady

About the work

     My work is mostly hand-fabricated using sheet metal, wire, and bar stock.  A few pieces include casting.
     I use 14K, 18K, 19.25K and 22K gold, sterling and Argentium sterling silver, fine silver, and some semi-precious
     stones as well.  The pieces based on African gold-weights use exclusively brass or bronze, although I will soon
     include sterling silver casting of gold-weights.  Emphasis is on wearability and intimate expression rather than
     display.  Pieces start mostly around a nugget-- a stone, a piece of tree bark-- or an emotion.  From there, the
     pieces slowly evolve.  My pieces are either one-of-a-kind, or made in limited editions.  The gold-weight rings are
     numbered, and each is accompanied with a brief written explanation of the symbol represented in the gold-weight.

Three goldweight rings

 (new) Contact:
phone:  440-774-7407  (from Sept 15 to June 8)
603-632-7395 (from June 9 to Sept 14) 

My pieces are also available for sale at:
Ginko Gallery
19 S.Main Street,
Oberlin, Ohio 44074

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