Recent Work

Ann's Necklace
January 2013

Nickel, kunzites, argentium and banded agate


This is a piece I made for Sharon in summer 2012. The box is made of black walnut and silver inlay. The Chinese character means "infinite compassion".  The box is made of black walnut by Jacques Rutsky, cabinetmaker of Oberlin, Ohio.
The size of the box is 4" wide x 3 " high.

Here is the opened box with an opened walnut cast in silver with constructed scenes of silver and gold accents.
These evoke scenes drawn from Portuguese landscapes. On the left is a village, on the right, a wine cart drawn by oxen.

View of the box and closed walnut.
The walnut is 2 " high.

Postcard of a painting by the Portuguese painter Francis Smith, 1881-1961, on which I based the village scene.

18K yellow gold and lapis lazuli beads

Pendant of sterling silver, keumboo,
and 14 K yellow gold frame.
The antique print represents a 12th century miracle:  a hunter is saved by Our Lady of Nazareth from a trick by the devil in the shape of a stag.

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