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Lockets 2011


This locket was made for Sharon. The front has an antique print of Santa Suzanna. The back is Our Lady. Inside is the inscription:
"Tiene giogo la fortuna solo a qui se gli sottomette" (Fate only has sway over whoever submits to it)
antique print, silver, amethysts


This is Joana's locket.  On the front is an antique print of St. Anthony of Padua. On the back is the inscription: "Joaninha, voa, voa, que o teu pai está em Lisboa"
(Ladybug, fly away, fly away home, for your father is in Lisbon)
antique print, silver and ruby

"Moldavian Echo"

30 karat moldavite
14 karat gold
sterling argentium.

shown with silk cord and with 4 strand pearl necklace
This pendant was commissioned by a friend, who wanted to use it on her pearl necklace.
The moldavite stone comes from the region of the Moldau, in eastern Europe and is said to have mythical properties which endow the wearer with good fortune!


   14K gold, smokey quartz            14K gold, cast maple seeds, faceted dendritic agate            18K gold, emerald, aquamarine, seed pearls         nickel, mokume gane, 14K gold, pearl     

                                                                        nickel, 14K cast gold, carved walrus ivory                      Partridge in a Pear Tree:nickel, 14K gold, mokume-gane, keumboo, coral, fine silver, tourmalines                      Partridge in a Pear Tree (close-up)  

                                                                          22K gold, carved jade, chrysoprase                  18K gold, petrified wood, 2 carat diamond                 22K gold, carved jade, ruby

                                                                           sterling silver, antique print of St. Lucy                 gilded bronze, old glass bead                  14K gold, Chinese porcelain shard                                                                      

       These last pendants were inspired by the Nigerian brass beads which presented imperfections -
holes and crevices- that gave rise to the silver appliques. The last bead I call "Gollum" because
of the little monster peering over a crevice.
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