One of a kind silver and gold jewelry with gemstones
ethnic jewelry

Welcome to my website!
                       I have been making jewelry as a hobby for over 35 years.  When I was not working as a lawyer,
                     professor of music, or writing, I was planning and dreaming of jewelry projects.  Here you will find some
of the pieces I made over the years.

It is with great sadness that I announce that Gil passed away on 29 March 2014 after a brief period of illness.

The pieces not marked SOLD on this site are still available for purchase. However, please contact me, his wife, at

          "The ability to express personal experiences in (....) work with metal will lead the artist to an inner
 liberation and vision by which man may discover himself."  Adolph Steines in Moving Metal.

 Jewelry Tree with earrings

 Jewelry Tree.  14K gold, silver, coral.
5" x 3"

 Jewel Painting. Nickel frame, 14K gold, Chinese cloisonne enamel, moss agates, carved tourmaline and carnelian.
4.25" x 3.75"

Cast sterling silver ring, 22 K gold bezel, cabochon tourmaline
 Pendant: 14 and 22K gold, jade and iolite

Earrings: 19 and 22K gold, garnet cabochons

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